Welcome to the odd world of eXit se7en.

What it is:

This site exists as both a portfolio and playground for my accomplishments and experiments, as well as a living documentary of my progression. Sort of like a 2020s version of a Geocities site, but with - hopefully - a bit more style and organization.

You can find music I've made - some by myself and some with others, books I've written, programs I've written, paintings and whatever else comes along.

I made this website too. I understand that it's not perfect, but it is 100% from scratch and so far pure HTML and CSS. No templates, no bootstrap, no JavaScript. I didn't even use any kind of template for server setup (DigitalOcean truly lets you make it all as difficult on yourself as you want). That in mind, it should be noted that everything here is subject to change, as I often find new things I want to test out and this is my virtual sandbox.

If you're here for professional reasons, you might also want to swing by my LinkedIn or peruse my GitHub. I tend to put any finished projects here, but there is likely more in-progress stuff at those places.

Video Portfolio:

Latest updates:

Trials, Tribulations, New and Old Music

The past 4 or 5 months have turned out to be a challenge, to say the least. Without too much detail, I'll say that a flood broke my house, then in the middle of moving I was surprised with a divorce, which led to me being all but homeless for a couple of months right before my father died. This, hopefully, explains the absence.

Maybe I shouldn't talk about personal issues, but personally I've always enjoyed getting an insight into the things that help to inspire the art behind the artists of various mediums that I love. And this period of time has absolutely inspired some art. In this case, in the form of music.

Head over to the Listen page to hear a few things. Empty Confidence is a weird (extremely weird), little 2-song EP that didn't fit anywhere else. Act 2: Confrontation is a 7-song indie rap album - I wrote all of these songs 5-6 years ago, but have only just now finally mixed them and pushed them out the door.

Finally, GBmDAD is the song I wrote about my father dying. He and I had a difficult relationship, and this song deals with the odd circumstance of feeling relief and grief at the same time.

Hopefully I can get back to work on Catharsis now that life has settled back down a bit. First, though, I plan to release my next album, 12 Times 1 sometime in February or March. This is a project that I'm absolutely in love with, and it has to do with the following image:

I graduated. And a New Catharsis Update!

Today was my final day of my bachelor's program and my internship. I haven't gotten my final grades in yet, obviously, but I fully expect to still have a 4.0 once those come in. Now I'm more focused on the job search, and I'm hoping to get Catharsis to a playable demo state ASAP.

Speaking of, here's the latest update on that!

What I'm doing now...Plus a throwback

I'm pretty busy right now, so I thought I'd make a quick post just to explain my lack of updates lately. I started as the team lead of the software department for my internship at PGIP-Tech and I'm finishing up my last month of school, while also sending out resumes like my life depends on it (because it kind of does).

One of the projects I'm leading over there is a brick breaker clone in Unity, though. That's kind of fun and certainly relevant to my goals. It's obviously a bit simple, but it allows for new interns to get their feet wet in game dev if the so choose, and it at least helps to keep me from getting rusty. I've also done all of the sound design and music for the game, so I'll post some of that stuff relatively soon.

In the meantime, I found one of my old projects - The End of Beginning. This was the first game I ever attempted to develop, way back before I started going to school. As such, it's pretty rough, but it still gives me warm feelings when I mess with it. I guess I realized that, as much as I love the style, I don't think that everyone else does, hahah. So, it will likely never come to completion, but I'll hang on to it anyway.

Aside from that, here's a short update on Catharsis:


I've begun development on a game. Catharsis. The idea is a weird, story-driven experience that tells a sad story about people through the eyes of a cat.

I've created a DevLog page to follow progress through YouTube videos. Check it out Here or under 'More...' on the navigation bar above.

I've also officially begun my internship through PGIP-Tech, though, so progress on the game may slow!

My mock Scrum team, SM Consultants, just finished our 10-week school project, which is a unique program from conception all the way to deployment. It is a prescription drug application that allows users to request refills and update their information, pharmacists to search for users and edit their information, and administrators to run reports.

The .msi is available here (contact me for mock login info) and I put a demo on YouTube. Repo available here.

Many thanks to my fantastic team members, Sara (UI Design) and Jim (Database Design and Implementation).

I just released a new song. Kind of a moody rock thing this time. Thanks to the incredibly talented Jacob Cotner for providing the bass for this track. He really glued it all together with his track and helped me to find the direction I needed to go to finish this. Check it out on the Listen page.

Also, check out the Look page to see a few paintings I finally uploaded.

I just recently finished designing a website for the talented and beautiful Julie Marts, to help her out with her Fear Free Dog Training business. Whether you're interested in dog training in the Fort Smith area or HTML and CSS design, check it out at


A few new and old songs are available over on the Listen page.